Chapter 4 Catch-up #UnlockUrPotential17

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Chapter 4 – Finding Your Dream Job has now come to an end… but Lizzie’s Journey isn’t quite over yet! Take a look at Lizzie’s final chapter, Developing My Career, to see what she’s doing to settle into her new role.

We hope you are enjoying Lizzie’s job seeker journey and have realized that you’re not alone on the road to finding your dream job. Her story proves that it’s possible for anyone to find and progress in their career if there is clear focus and determination.

Your ongoing response to #UnlockUrPotential17 has been incredible – we have received emails, tweets and messages from you, our job seekers, to share your personal stories and experiences of the job hunting world. Thank you for being part of it!

Before you move onto the final chapter, here’s a quick re-cap of everything that’s happened so far.

If you want to share your stories with us you can either tweet us using the #UnlockUrPotential17 hashtag or send us a message by emailing [email protected].

Kristiana Varitimos

Previously a Marketing Executive at CharityJob. I love travelling, experiencing new things and learning about the ins and outs of marketing.

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