12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

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Here at CharityJob, we’re all about the non-profit sector. A bit obvious, we know. But we wouldn’t be working so hard to promote all the amazing jobs we post if we didn’t honestly believe in the work these organisations were doing. It’s more than just a job for us.  

We want to make a difference and give back to the organisations that we work with every day, which is why we donate 10% of our annual profits every year to a handful of carefully chosen charities that we believe are doing that extra bit to make the world a better place. At the end of last year, we donated to the organisations below. Take a look at their missions and why they stood out to us.

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

Animals Asia 

Did you know that over 11,000 bears are held in bile farms in China and Vietnam? To date, Animals Asia has rescued over 600 bears, caring for them in award-winning sanctuaries. Their mission to end animal cruelty in Asia focuses on three major programs: bear sanctuaries, ending bear bile farming and captive animal welfare. Find out more about how you can support Animals Asia.

I’d never even heard of Animals Asia yet alone Bear bile Farming. After doing my research, shedding lots of tears and many, many chats with the Animals Asia team, I decided that I was committed to the cause of ending the suffering and pain of thousands of animals across Asia. The moon bears especially touched my heart – believe me, everyone I meet hears about the moon bears!’ 

Jules Keene, Account Manager at CharityJob 

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation 

Bullying can have truly damaging effects in the long-term, which is why The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness. By connecting communities and raising funds, they’re doing truly amazing work to stop bullying in its tracks. Find out more about how you can support the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.

‘They don’t pretend to have all the solutions to all the very complex issues of bullying. Instead, they fund all the different projects for people who have these issues. StandUp brings money where it’s needed and makes sure it’s utilised in the most efficient way. In my opinion, that is as important as helping those directly in need.’ 

Claire Devilard, Product Manager at CharityJob 

Campaign Against Living Miserably 

Nearly 75% of all suicides in the UK are male, perpetuated by a culture that makes men seem weak when they reach out for help. The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) challenges that culture and offers support for men who are down or in crisis. Find out more about how you can support the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

I was really impressed by their mission, vision and the way they go about changing perceptions on male suicide but also by their handling of finances and the effectiveness of their fundraising in today’s turbulent times. I think it’s excellent that CALM manages to operate with very few staff and still make such a huge impact on the country. Lastly, I found their Support After Suicide Help Zone has been a huge help to me personally.’ 

Jamie Fraser, Senior Account Manager at CharityJob 

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

The GiveWell Fund 

With so many charities to choose from, it can be hard to know which one you should be donating to. The Givewell Fund is an independent organisation that finds giving opportunities through in-depth analysis. Through thousands of hours of research, they put together a list of top-rated charities that are underfunded and recommend donations based on how much additional good donations can do. Find out more about how you can support the Givewell Fund.

‘I think that a charity’s financial performance is an imperfect proxy for how much of a positive impact they actually have in the world. Therefore, assessing their impact per £ spent is the best way to make donation decisions. GiveWell finds charities that are evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted and underfunded and recommends donations. This helps people make educated donation choices.’ 

Sam Lay, Product Manager at CharityJob 

Children Heard and Seen 

It’s estimated that nearly 200k children in the UK have parents in prison on any given day – this causes a separation that no child should have to go through. Children Heard and Seen provide support to those children of prisoners, aiming to lessen the effects of parental imprisonment in the long-term. Find out more about how you can support Children Hear and Seen.

I stumbled on this wonderful film on social media earlier in the year. I think it was LinkedIn. It shone like a beacon amongst all the corporate, back-slapping, motivational nonsense! It’s clearly done on a budget but it’s better for that, I think. It tells you everything you need to know and doesn’t ask for sympathy but rather makes you understand what’s to be gained by supporting this small, new charity – and being able to help someone like Luke. Seeing the film led me to look up the charity and find out more.’ 

Jean Merrylees, Researcher and Copywriter for CharityJob 

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

Child’s i Foundation 

Founded by Lucy Buck from Channel 4’s Big Brother, Child’s i Foundation builds family support systems and repurposes orphanages in Uganda to ensure every child has the chance to grow up in a safe and loving family. They work directly with governments, donors and orphanages to inspire real change. Find out more about how you can support Child’s i Foundation.

This is a lovely small charity, with such an inspiring story. They create real change for children in Uganda.’ 

Emma Begg, Product & Marketing Manager at CharityConnect 

Cruelty Free International 

Millions of animals around the world are suffering due to experiments and product testing. Cruelty Free International is there to help. They investigate and expose the reality of animals living in laboratories, helping to champion better science for a cruelty-free living. Find out more about how you can support Cruelty Free International.

This is a cause close to my heart! They have a real global impact, run incredible campaigns and educate people about the harsh realities of animal testing.’ 

Emma Begg, Product & Marketing Manager at CharityConnect 

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

Diversity Role Models 

Understanding the power of language can be instrumental in a young person’s life. Through workshops and events across the UK, Diversity Role Models inspires young people to challenge stereotypes and deconstruct commonly misused language to prevent homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools. Find out more about how you can support Diversity Role Models.

‘They are tackling something vital. LGBT students are three times more likely to attempt suicide. One in six have been subjected to death threats, and 52% have heard homophobic comments from teachers and school staff. Diversity Role Models bring in their own trained staff into these schools so that the students can listen to personal stories first-hand. The impact of having someone telling you “I went through this and I survived” is absolutely valuable.’ 

Claire Devilard, Product Manager at CharityJob 

Hope and Homes for Children 

Mark and Caroline Cook were passionate about their belief that every child had the right to grow up in a loving family, which was why they started Hope and Homes for Children. By closing flawed institutions and working directly with the government, they help children into loving and stable families. Find out more about how you can support Hope and Homes for Children.

Hope and Homes for Children never ceases to amaze me. The lives of children have been transformed forever. It really struck a note when recently I assisted them with several important roles and witnessed one of their emails. I got to see how deep their work really goes and how so many children really do suffer in institutions.’ 

Jules Keene, Account Manager at CharityJob 

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness 

Homelessness is an issue most people are familiar with, and local shelters work hard to make a difference to those living on the streets (often with very few resources at hand). The Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness aims to improve the quality of life for people in housing risk or who are currently homeless in Kingston and the surrounding areas. Find out more about how you can support Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness.

As a volunteer at Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness night shelter, the charity really stood out to me as a small, local organisation working with minimal resources to help the growing homelessness problem in Kingston, an area I’ve lived in my whole life!’ 

Robin Freya Archard, Community and Content Lead at CharityConnect 

Pancreatic Cancer Action 

Founded by a pancreatic cancer survivor, Pancreatic Cancer Action advocates for a day when everyone who is diagnosed survives. They work hard to improve the quality of life for patients and raise public awareness by providing free and easy to understand patient information. Find out more about how you can support Pancreatic Cancer Action.

‘After losing a close relative of mine to Pancreatic Cancer last year, I was made aware of how underfunded and unspoken about this type of cancer was. Pancreatic Cancer Action was created to give more attention to this neglected disease and I really support their mission to focus on early diagnoses to improve survival.’ 


Robin Freya Archard, Community and Content Lead at CharityConnect 

12 Charities We Donated to in 2018

White Ribbon UK 

Their aim is simple: to end male violence against women once and for all. Working directly with men and boys in the UK, White Ribbon UK challenges the masculine culture that propagates harassment, abuse and violence. Find out more about how you can support White Ribbon UK.

After a watershed year in 2018, White Ribbon’s work against sexism and gender-based violence is so important for encouraging a culture of equality.’ 

Emma Begg, Product & Marketing Manager at CharityConnect 

Inspired to get involved? There are 180,000 charities in the UK, so pinpointing a cause that means something to you is easier than you might think. If you want to find somewhere local where you can give back, check out our interactive aid map to find a donation centre near you. Check out our volunteer listings for an overview of what’s available right now.

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