9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

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Every person who works at CharityJob is passionate about making a difference. You’d have to be to work in an environment like this—we’re not just posting jobs, we’re helping people discover life-changing career paths and giving candidates the guidance they need to land that dream job in the charity sector.

But it goes beyond even just that. We’re passionate about the work our clients do as well. And all the time we spend helping them post jobs and attract the best candidates means we get to learn about their causes.

That’s why we volunteer, we donate and we champion the issues that truly mean something to us. As part of that, we donate 10% of our annual profits to a handful of charities that speak to us on a personal level.

In 2019, we donated to the organisations below. Have a look at their mission statements to find out a bit more about why they stood out to us.

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

Braille Chess Association

Did you know that there are almost 2 million people living with sight loss in the UK? The Braille Chess Association encourages and supports blind or partially sighted people to take part in chess tournaments, enabling them to explore a hobby in spite of their physical limitations. This includes tuition and coaching, an extensive audio library of chess literature and chess sets and clocks designed specifically for them.

Find out more about how you can support the Braille Chess Association.

I love how inclusive this charity is and I really admire the inspiring work they do for blind and partially sighted people.

Jules, Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

Carers Support Merton 

Caring for someone is a rewarding and worthwhile commitment, but it can take its toll on your health, your career and your relationship—especially when you’re doing it unpaid. That’s why it’s so important to have organisations in place that provide practical, emotional and financial support to help you look after yourself as well as your loved one. Carers Support Merton does just that. Formed in 1991 by a group of local carers, they exist to support you and ensure you’re living a fulfilling life alongside your caring duties.

Find out more about how you can support Carers Support Merton.

I nominated this charity because I think it’s a great cause and I like the fact that they want to support and help the carers that are caring for people. It must be very difficult to care for someone and to mentally prepare for what will happen at the end of the caring process, so to have this support will make a massive impact and make things easier for the carer.

Katie, Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

Kingston Women’s Centre

Not everyone feels safe asking for help, especially when that counselling may come at a cost. That’s why groups like Kingston Women’s Centre are so important. They’re run by women, for women, providing a safe confidential space where women can talk about anything without fear of judgement. Their counselling helps women deal with trauma, manage anger issues, cope with bereavement and address identity issues, alongside a number of other services.

Find out more about how you can support Kingston Women’s Centre.

Apart from being an income earner, a woman is also called on to rear children and make a home. What really hurts is when she is called on to do that on her own. That’s why this charity is important to me.

Mervyn, Finance Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

The Peaceful Place Ltd

Many people associate dementia as an ‘old age’ disease, but currently, there are an estimated 42,000 people with young onset dementia (YOD) in the UK. The Peaceful Place is a small charity dedicated to supporting and serving people in South East Essex with YOD and those that care for them. Their centre provides stimulating activities and free advocacy in a safe, friendly environment, ensuring they’re able to live their life in the fullest way possible.

Find out more about how you can support The Peaceful Place Ltd.

My contact at the Peaceful Place is so passionate about the work the charity is doing, it was hard not to want to get involved! He told me a few stories about some of the clients that use their services and how young onset dementia can affect practically anyone. This small charity provides such a valuable service which is why donations are so important.

Jules, Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

RASASC Guildford 

Coping with the trauma of rape or sexual abuse can be difficult to do on your own. That’s why organisations like RASASC work hard to help survivors overcome their abuse and learn to rebuild their lives. They support women, men and young people, as well as the family and friends of survivors in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Find out more about how you can support RASASC.

I nominated this charity in response to a perceived inordinately heavy burden carried by women in an increasingly aggressive society.

Mervyn, Finance Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

Read for Good

Read for Good is on a mission to get kids reading. Why? Because they know that reading changes lives. Working with nearly 3,000 schools, they have encouraged almost one million kids to love reading. And they provide all of the UK’s major children’s hospitals with regular deliveries of new books and storytellers, reaching over 150,000 hospitalised kids each year.

Find out more about how you can support Read for Good.

I was watching Children in Need on the TV and they showed a film of one of their team telling a story to a very poorly child in hospital. The joy on the child’s face despite their illness was wonderful to see and I know how my own children loved bedtime stories. Such a simple act but they have such a positive impact on the children.

Judith, Senior Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

School Food Matters

Not every child has access to fresh, sustainable food at school, and School Food Matters is working tirelessly to change that. Every year, the government spends approximately £320 million on food in schools, and School Food Matters want to see that money spent on climate-friendly meals that reduce the negative environmental, social and economic consequences of food production.

Find out more about how you can support School Food Matters.

After chatting with their team, I did a bit of research because I’m a mum and I know how important things like breakfast and a healthy lunch are for young children. I love how their charity educates schools and children about sustainable food and where it comes from—it’s so important!

Jules, Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

Stay Safe East

Through a user-led network of disabled people, Stay Safe East provide specialist and holistic support to disabled people across London who are victims of abuse, hate crimes and harassment. This includes working with partner organisations like the police and local authorities.

Find out more about how you can support Stay Safe East.

This is such an important issue and I love the work that Ruth and her team are doing. Any sort of donation can make such a difference to a lot of people’s lives.

Jules, Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

User Voice

Founded in 2009 by ex-offender and former drug abuser Mark Johnson, User Voice is a London-based charity focused on helping offenders avoid landing back in the criminal justice system. Their staff consists mainly of people who have experienced the criminal justice system themselves, which means they bring real-life experience to everything they do.

Find out more about how you can support User Voice.

I love the ethos of the charity and I truly believe that reducing reoffending and giving offenders a voice helps them get onto a better path, ultimately providing them a better life.

Jules, Account Manager at CharityJob

9 Charities We Donated to in 2019

Want to get involved? There are over 180,000 charities in the UK, so finding a cause that means something to you is easy. If you’re looking for somewhere local where you can give back, explore our interactive aid map. And if you want to dedicate a bit more time to a cause, have a browse through all the amazing volunteer opportunities to start giving back today.

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