Candidates VS. Job applications – who’s winning the battle?

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Did you know we’ve published a whitepaper? Have you read it?

If not, you can get hold of it here. Because we’ve run a large-scale candidate survey, all about what prompts candidates to complete an application. (And what doesn’t!)

Take a look, and let us know if you agree with the results! Our candidates have let us know why they complete a job application, and why they might abandon one halfway through!

In our whitepaper, you can find out what turns candidates off applications and what pushes them to complete one. So make sure your up to date to with what candidates except, and more importantly take this into account next time you post a job.

Here’s a little taster of the goodies within

Did you know?

  • 76% of candidates say they search for jobs based first on the cause the organisation supports.
  • 53% of candidates stop if the application process is too long.
  • 69% of candidates reported that a low salary would stop them from completing a job application.

In the whitepaper, you can find out all the things candidates perceive recruiters as doing wrong, or do to make applications unnecessarily difficult. By reading it you can find out a number of strategies to increase the number of application on you’re jobs.

Remember, in a candidate driven market it is the employers that must adapt. See what you’re doing right and what you doing wrong by reading our full publication here.

Sanjay Bheenuck

Content and SEO Lead here at CharityJob. Writer of obscure fiction and global wanderer in my spare time.

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