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Home-Start UK is launching a new three year strategy that will involve building two brand new teams to allow us to create new ways to support children and families.

With our early years team we will add a group of experts in childhood development to lead a series of projects that will give Home-Starts a greater range and diversity of volunteer led programmes of support.

Our new knowledge transfer team will lead the way in sharing ideas, best practice and learning around the 269 local Home-Starts right across the UK.

It’s not every day you can come into an organisation in a brand new team and shape a new culture and a whole new way of working. If you would like to be part of this exciting new approach to working with volunteers across the country find out more about our two new teams below.

Early years team:

Home-Start UK is building its range of early years family support programmes by bringing in exciting innovative international programmes around speech and language development, school readiness, play and supporting fathers’ involvement.

This is an opportunity to be part of a new team who will be passionate about developing fresh approaches to early years support both in families’ homes and in community settings.

The people who join this team will have:

  • A passion for helping deliver children and family services
  • An interest in supporting a network of locally based HS to build their capacity and services and reach more families
  • An understanding of early years developmental goals
  • Commitment to building an evidence base for volunteer led family support practice
  • Experience of the voluntary and community sectors and the business models which underpin service delivery

Knowledge transfer team

Home-Start UK is committed to providing the 269 local independent Home-Starts that make up the Home-Start network with the means to access current information learning and knowledge both from within the network and from external sources.

To be part of this team you would need to have:

  • A commitment to empowering people to use information effectively
  • Ability to devise training programmes and events to share knowledge
  • An engaging training style
  • A customer led approach
  • Digital expertise and be able to share that with people

I’m really excited about this next stage in our development. If you want to find out more about these jobs visit our website at or if you have any specific questions about either team email me at [email protected]

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