Dos & Don’ts for using social media during your job hunt

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With around 75% of employers using social media as a means of looking into the background of potential candidates, it’s fair to say that social is either an incredible tool or hindrance to job seekers everywhere.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to erase your social media profiles – after all having a digital footprint is also pretty important. In an increasingly digital world, you just need to make sure that your online presence is a reflection of what potential employers really want to see. So, to help you tackle this online mine field, we’ve put together a set of tips to help you clean up your social media profiles and make sure that it doesn’t cost you your dream job…

  1. Don’t complain about your colleagues

There are probably plenty of reasons that you’re looking for a new job. You might want a new challenge, feel like you’re ready for the next step in your career or simply be moving due to other commitments.

But for those of you who are moving because of less than ideal situations (maybe the atmosphere isn’t pleasant at work or there have been some ‘power’ struggles), don’t bring that into your online space. All social networks from Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn are mini search engines. And it will take a matter of seconds for recruiters or colleagues to discover any negative comments scattered online.

You may think that it doesn’t hurt you now, but it could hurt your chances of landing your next job.

Instead, give people an insight into your latest project or share some good news about what your organisation has achieved. Focus on the positive areas of work when you’re posting comments on social media and steer away from trashing people.

  1. Don’t post pictures of your last night out

Now we’re all human and enjoy a great evening out with our friends, family and work friends. While there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down and having some fun, the world doesn’t need to know every detail about your last night out (let alone have photographic evidence of the entire thing!).

Make sure that any photographs that you do post are tasteful and show that you’re having a great time without pushing the boundaries.

  1. Do engage with current events

If there’s one thing that recruiters do want to see is that you’re able to engage with all of the latest things that are happening in the sector. The charity sector is ever changing so there’s always an event for you to attend or an article to comment on.

To keep up with what’s happening, you should search the social media sites that can connect you with charity professionals who are committed to truly making a difference. And that’s where CharityConnect comes in. As the first and only online community in the UK for charity professionals, this is the perfect space to speak to and learn from key influencers as well as keep up with all of the changes that happen in the charity sector.

It takes all of 2 minutes to register and is free to join!

  1. Do double check your spelling and grammar

When it comes to the grammar police, recruiters are at the top of the list. They will look out for every missing comma, misused colon and incorrect use of ‘your’ and ‘you’re’.

One of the most valuable transferable skills that you can take to any role is attention to detail and ensuring that your use of grammar on social media is correct conveys this. Don’t be complacent just because posting 140 characters on Twitter isn’t the same as writing an email. Social media gives you a great amount of visibility – so make sure people remember your messages for the right reasons!

Think we’ve missed anything from the list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Jade Phillips

Marketing Manager at CharityJob. A true bookworm and social media geek, you'll find me living in pockets of online communities. Unattended snacks might go missing if left around me...

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