GDPR Are You Ready?

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GDPR is just around the corner! It’s therefore more important than ever for any organisation which handles data to be compliant before the 25th of May swings around.

What is GDPR?

We hope at this stage that you know! But just in case-GDPR is  General Data Protection Regulation and is a significant piece of legislation covering the rights of individuals and the obligations of organisations whenever personal data is held. Everyone is responsible and there is no exemption for charities or not-for-profits, so if you hold data in any form, you’re obliged to adhere to the legislation.

All of GDPR will be translated into UK law, so Brexit will not have an impact. The Information Commissioners Office is the primary source for information about GDPR in the UK and handles its implementation, if you would like further information or would like to read a detailed guide please take a look at the ICO website.

We’ve also written in more detail about how GDPR will effect the charity sector.

“The GDPR is applied to (its own wording) all “controllers and processors” so any charity which holds or organises data, will need to ensure that all employees and volunteers are aware of and trained to deal with data protection. It be will your obligation to protect the personal information of your donors.”

Help is at hand

Luckily, our friends over at Savoo have created a detailed checklist for charities full of useful tips and information to help make your charity’s GDPR strategy a walk in the park. Do you have everything covered?
Given that the new regulations aren’t specifically geared towards charities, this checklist and infographic aim to fill the void and provide charities with everything they need to know to be prepared for when GDPR comes into effect.

The checklist includes information on:
  • Data security
  •  Cookies
  •  Internal processes
  •  Donor and supporter consent 
  • Data access and management
Further details can be found in the full guide and infographic, which you can download below:

GDPR Charity checklist

Want to broaden your knowledge about GDPR and many other topics? Take on a charity sector course and expand your horizons. Or take a look at over 2000 jobs in the charity sector available right now.

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