Independent Age: Our story so far

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Over the past 10 years, Independent Age has been through a major transformation. We’ve moved from operating as a benevolent trust, to establishing ourselves as a charity that provides impact at scale for older people.

We’ve successfully re-engineered our core service offering, developed our profile in thought leadership, and begun to build an evidence base through policy, research and media. We are already punching above our weight and are incredibly proud of the successes we have achieved so far.

We are now at a tipping point where we can take our learning to date, begin to unlock our resources and, through our expert marketing and communications, grow our public profile – agitating conversations and embedding ourselves into the public consciousness. We want to build our capacity and capabilities, grow the scope, scale and depth of our services, and develop a sustainable funding model, underpinned by a balanced income portfolio.

Our opportunity is significant. You’ll find it a challenge to open a newspaper, turn on the radio, switch on the TV or surf the web without coming across a story about the issues that impact on the day-to-day lives of older people and those who are important to them. After all, we are all ageing. It is the most universal cause you could work on.

Independent Age: Our story so far

The next chapter

Our plan is to accelerate significantly the number of people who get and give support through Independent Age. However, the opportunity doesn’t just lie in increasing volume, but in developing ways to build meaningful engagement with our key audiencesOur starting point will be to make sure we really know our customers, their needs and their motivations. We will tell a compelling story (through our brand) helping to increase our profile, understanding and drive action. We will become experts in response marketing – identifying target segments, telling inspirational stories, and matching our offers to customer motivations. We will make the most of digital channels and new technologies and be smart about how we use information – putting data at the heart of our business to give us the insight we need to make the right decisions. We will develop relevant, informed customer journeys through a clear ‘Customer Relationship Management’ strategy – making sure that the right customers get the right offers at the right time. In the future, our supporters will have many ways with which to connect with us and with older people.

This new Integrated Engagement Approach means that when our service interactions grow, our income grows, our brand builds, our influence develops and vice versa. Ultimately, this will enable us to deliver greater impact for older people.

But in order to seize this opportunity, to capitalise on our universal, urgent and growing cause, and to help us turn this vision into a reality, we need people like you. And that’s why we’ve taken the bold step of building a brand new Engagement Division.

Every story has a beginning. This one starts with our people. It could start with you. See all of our available job opportunities here.

Kristiana Varitimos

Previously a Marketing Executive at CharityJob. I love travelling, experiencing new things and learning about the ins and outs of marketing.

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