Inspiring ways to start your day

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How do you like to start your day? Whether you’ve got an interview, or are already working in your dream charity job, these tips will help you feel energised and ready to go!

We all want to be relaxed, focused and effective throughout the work day. And yet many of us rush our morning routine; leaving the house feeling stressed. It’s time to regain control, and starting taking extra care of our morning routine.Start your day

A positive morning sets a positive tone for the day! 

In a recent survey, Quora asked readers to share what is the most inspiring way to start a day. Here are the most common answers (plus the benefits of doing so!):

Wake up early (after at least 7 hours of sleep)

People who wake up early are said to be happier and more positive. Early birds are more proactive and eat healthier. They are also at less risk of depression.

Try a short meditation first thing

Meditation has a multitude of benefits, helping you to increase focus, reduce stress and keep good health. There are also lots of really handy apps out there like Headspace, to help structure the process.

Eat a healthy breakfast!

It is very easy to skip breakfast in a busy morning. The origin of the word ‘breakfast’ comes from idea that it is breaking the overnight fast. It gives your body and brain the fuel to get going. Nutritionists advise that a healthy breakfast will provide approximately 20-35% calories of your guideline daily allowance (GDA) and should be eaten within 2 hours after waking up.



Some of the best foods to eat for breakfast are oatmeal, yogurt, grapefruit, bananas, eggs and blueberries.

Go for a run or a quick walk

You will be wide awake when you arrive at work after a morning run. It will help you start your work day alert, which will increase your productivity. Walking is widely underestimated but it stretches your mind and creates a sense of rhythm.


It’s great to do yoga in the morning as many people say it’s the most relaxing time of the day. Early morning yoga increases physical energy and is a safeguard against discomfort later in the day. The best morning pose to wake you up is the Sun Salutation. Early morning yoga is also a great caffeine alternative!

Good music

There are various studies showing that listening to music can have a real effect on the brain. Listening to your favourite song can easily melt away bad mood and help you concentrate.

Reading a book

Reading is an active mental process that is great exercise for your brain. It reduces stress and improves focus, memory and creativity. It can also help you to develop stronger analytical skills.

Planning the day

Planning in advance is great for reducing stress. It gives you a step by step plan for the day, so you won’t be left wondering what to do next! The more decisions we make, the more tired our brains get. Tip: it is best to make any big decisions in the morning when you have more willpower.

Find out what gives you energy and make time to do it every morning before you go to work for a charity. It is scientifically proven that in approximately 30 days an activity becomes a routine!
How do you start your day?

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