7 Inspiring Ways to Start Your Day

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With much of the economy—and even our careers—on hold, it’s more important than ever to think about the way we shape our days. Maybe you’ve been furloughed and you don’t know what to do with your time. Or maybe you’re still working but you’re worried about what may come next.

We can’t let the anxiety consume us, which is why we need to take control where we can and learn to inspire ourselves to live our best lives, despite the limitations we face.

So, ask yourself, how do I want to start my day? A positive morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, so why not make little changes that count in the long-term? It’s time to regain control and start taking extra care of our morning, and ultimately ourselves.

7 Inspiring Ways to Start Your Day

Why what you do in the morning matters

First and foremost, morning routines are powerful mood modulators. If you wake up feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you’re likely to carry that with you throughout the day. But by implementing certain activities in your morning routine, you’re fighting off those negative feelings and forming healthy habits. Routines help us cope with change and ultimately reduce stress levels, which can help alleviate those feelings of anxiety that have been creeping up on you.

And the best part? A solid morning routine will keep your mind occupied, which helps you feel in control in a time when things are overwhelmingly uncertain.

Here are just a few things you can do in the morning to set you up for a better day.



1. Wake up early (after at least 7 hours of sleep)

Sleep is a big one—we need to get enough of it to function properly. But did you know that people who wake up early are said to be happier and more positive? Early birds are more proactive and eat healthier. They are also at less risk of depression. So why not try going to bed a bit earlier and giving yourself a few extra hours in the morning? You might be surprised by how you feel!


2. Try a short meditation first thing

Meditation has a multitude of benefits, helping you to increase focus, reduce stress and keep good health. There are also lots of really handy apps out there like Headspace, to help structure the process. So find a comfortable space and clear your head for a few minutes before you start your day.


3. Eat a healthy breakfast

It’s very easy to skip breakfast on a busy morning. But without the daily commute, there’s more time for us to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. Nutritionists advise that a healthy breakfast will provide approximately 20-35% calories of your guideline daily allowance (GDA) and should be eaten within 2 hours after waking up.

Some of the best foods to eat for breakfast are oatmeal, yoghurt, grapefruit, bananas, eggs and blueberries.

7 Inspiring Ways to Start Your Day

4. Go for a run or a quick walk

Need those extra bits of endorphin to jumpstart your day? Well, we can guarantee that you’ll be wide awake after a morning run. A bit of fresh air and exercise will help you start your day alert, which will increase your productivity.

If you’re not quite up for the task of running, then go for a walk. Walking is widely underestimated but it stretches your mind and creates a sense of rhythm. And it gives you a chance to get outside for some fresh air.


5. Try your hand at yoga

It’s great to do yoga in the morning as many people say it’s the most relaxing time of the day. Early morning yoga increases physical energy and is a safeguard against discomfort later in the day. The best morning pose to wake you up is the Sun Salutation. And if you are trying to steer clear of coffee, early morning yoga is a great caffeine alternative!


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6. Listen to some good music

Who doesn’t love an energising playlist in the morning? There are plenty of studies out there that show how listening to music can impact productivity and mood. Listening to your favourite song can easily melt away bad mood and help you concentrate. So why not create an early morning mix to help get you going?


7. Plan out what you want to achieve from your day

Planning in advance is great for reducing stress. Not sure what to do to pass the time? Why not create a list and start ticking off some projects you’ve had on hold. Or if you’re working from home, consider having daily to-do lists to help keep on track and establish a similar routine to what you would have done in the office.

Not only will this give you things to look forward to, but you’ll experience a clear sense of accomplishment when you start smashing through your list.

7 Inspiring Ways to Start Your Day

Find out what gives you energy and make time to do it every morning. It is scientifically proven that in approximately 30 days an activity becomes a routine. So the more you stick to that routine, the easier it will become over time!

So tell us, how do you start your day? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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