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Last month, we ran an exciting competition, ‘I love my charity job’, giving you the opportunity to share your CharityJob stories.

We were delighted to receive so many fantastic entries, showing just how passionate you are about the charity sector. Our expert panel of judges faced a very tough task, selecting their favourite stories.

But one story really stood out to them. Jennifer Lane’s entry highlighted her passion for her organisation and her cause, and she wins a holiday and a donation to her charity, the RSPB! We caught up with her, to find out more about her charity job story so far.


How does it feel to be named the winner of ‘I love my charity job’?

“I am absolutely thrilled – when I saw the other entries I really didn’t think I’d be the winner. I’m so glad that the judges saw my enthusiasm and dedication, because I really love what I do every day.”

Why did you decide to take part?

“The RSPB do fantastic work across the UK helping to give nature a home and I believe passionately in what they want to achieve. £250 for the charity sounded like a wonderful prize (and the promise of a holiday helped too!)”

What did the RSPB say when you told them you were the winner?

“The word ‘WOW’ was used quite a lot, along with about a million exclamation marks! We’re hoping to put the money to good use at RSPB Leighton Moss nature reserve in Silverdale, Lancashire.”

What drew you to the charity sector?

“I have always wanted to make a difference. Some of my previous jobs have always left me thinking that there was something missing. I took a long hard look at what I wanted to accomplish with my future and took the opportunity to change things and help a brilliant cause.”

What has been your career highlight so far?

“While volunteering at Leighton Moss I wrote blog posts and magazine articles – seeing jen-win-2them in print was a major achievement for me as they would be read by a wide audience and promote the good work we were doing. I was buzzing for weeks!”

What does 2015 hold for you?

“I am looking forward to continuing my career within the RSPB, getting my wellies on and making the most of the great outdoors.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in nature conservation?

“With nature conservation, it can sometimes be difficult to get a foot in the door. Don’t be afraid to go back to basics and work your way up. An internship is a perfect way to do just that – you’ll gain so much experience, lots of useful contacts and even some life-long friends.”

Check out Jennifer’s winning entry here.

Jennifer wasn’t the competition’s only winner. Abigail Hurrell, from Blind Veterans UK and Elizabeth Gurney from NCS The Challenge also caught the judges’ attention, and were named runners-up!

Abigail is a Community Volunteering Development Officer at Blind Veterans UK. She uses CharityJob to recruit volunteers for Blind Veterans UK, and says that the competition seemed like a brilliant opportunity:

I absolutely love working for Blind Veterans UK so writing the entry was a really easy thing to do.

Abigail with her team. From left to right, Victoria, Joanna, Abigail and Pennie

Abigail with her team. From left to right, Victoria, Joanna, Abigail and Pennie

After graduating in 2009 I used to spend all my spare time volunteering in the charity sector, hoping one day to find employment there.  Now everyday is a gift – it’s a wonderful feeling being able to work full time for a charity, knowing that every day the work I do helps improve the lives of blinded ex-servicemen.  Being able to work with the BVUK staff and getting to know our members has been an absolute pleasure.

My role has involved building a community of Blind Veterans volunteers in the South West of England.  I’m looking forward to seeing this community grow and I’m excited to see the positive impact it’s going to have on the lives of our members living there.

I can’t imagine wanting to work anywhere else, it’s a wonderful feeling working for such a positive organisation. I couldn’t recommend working in the charity sector more!”

Elizabeth, from NCS The Challenge, told us that it felt “amazing” to be a runner-up. We asked her what her charity career highlight is so far:

Probably getting such lovely recognition for my work both from colleagues, partner organisations, young people and parents. I had one parent hug me and cry saying how grateful they were for all my support for their child – they moved me to tears! Getting such thanks is overwhelming but gives me real job satisfaction.



This year we’re growing as an organisation by 40% so more work, but also more focus on details to constantly be improving. Further to this, also working towards a hopeful promotion opportunity at the end of the year, so exciting stuff!”

Elizabeth also shared her advice for anyone looking to join the sector:
“Get volunteering as that goes a long way! Also it’s ALL about passion and personality, I tell you from experience in this sector it can be more important than experience. They’re looking for passionate people who care about their values and people who are willing to give 100%.”

Our congratulations go to all three winners! You can check out some of the fantastic entries here.

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