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Twitter may be a lot of fun, but did you know it’s also a great place to pick up great career tips and advice?

Follow these top accounts to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Twitter account:


Why should you follow them?

Corinne Millsss is the Managing Director of Career Management, and is a top career coach. She is a best selling author and has written for the Guardian, the BBC and more. Follow her for: tweets with lots of jobseeking hints and tips.

 Mildred Talabi is also a published author, and writes blogs with lots of helpful articles. Follow her for:tweets with advice on how to write the perfect CV.

Jonathan Burston founded the Interview Expert Academy: ‘the ultimate guide to your most successful interview ever!’ Follow him for: tweets with great interview advice.

Jon Gregory is another of our authors, and tweets and blogs on job hunting and career development.Follow him for: tweets with handy advice on career progression.

Rich de Matteo is an American social media marketer and founder of Corn on the Job. Follow him for: Tweets on networking and social media.

And don’t forget, CharityJob has loads of fantastic jobs posted to the feed every day from 9am.

Are you following any other useful accounts? Let us know!

Emma Begg

Product and Marketing Manager at CharityConnect. Love learning about new technology and helping to create a culture of collaboration over at

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