Meet Luke: film-maker and inspirational eleven-year-old

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Here at CharityJob, we champion people (of all ages) who are doing great things in the sector. Whether that’s cool fundraising activities for great causes, fantastic work by charities themselves, or individuals who are doing wonderful things that simply need celebrating.

This post falls into the latter category. And in it, we want to introduce you to a inspiring young man named Luke. Luke is eleven years old, and a film-maker.  When we met him (along with his Grandad, Victor) at a recent Prison HOPE event at Lambeth Palace, it’s safe to say we felt a little (a lot) inadequate about our own achievements in life by the time we were his age.

A short while ago, Luke was faced with the challenging prospect of having a parent being sent to prison. With the emotional maturity of someone three-times his age, rather than hide from his circumstances, Luke decided to make a film about them. With the help of the wonderful people at Children Heard and Seen, Luke documented his journey, shared what he was going through, and made sure to keep talking about it. The process not only helped him, but has also reached other families going through a similar experience.


We caught up with our budding young film-maker to ask him a little more about his project

Hi Luke, so here at CharityJob we’ve watched your film, and we just want to say a massive WELL DONE! It must’ve been an exciting project for you to work on. What was your favourite thing about making the film?

I really liked that I got to make the whole film myself (with some help from Jess!). I enjoyed using different technology to make the film and learning how to record cinematics, editing and choosing music for the film. I learned lots of new skills. My favourite thing was spending time with Jess making it. We had a lot of fun!

How did the film come about? Was it an idea you had?

I decided I wanted to make a film as it was an easier and more fun way to talk about what I was going through and I also thought it might help other children who are going through this too. I was very lucky that Children Heard and Seen agreed and helped it become a reality.

Did a particular charity help you in the making of your film at all?

Yes – Children Heard and Seen. When my dad went to prison my head teacher contacted the charity and they have supported me. They introduced me to Jess who has been my mentor for a year. We meet up regularly either at school or at home and she helps me deal with the situation and my emotions. She is someone I can talk to. We also have lots of fun together and she has become a great friend. Children Heard and Seen also run monthly groups where I can meet other children who have been affected by parental imprisonment. When I meet them I can just be me, Luke and not the boy who’s dad is in prison.

Do you think that making the film was a good way for you to process everything and move forwards?

Yes because it gave me something to look forward to. We made the film over the course of a year and each time I met with Jess to record the next part or edit it or choose the music, it was something I had to look forward to. Talking openly about it helped too. So many people try and hide it and keep it a secret so to come out and talk about it was great because we (the family) haven’t done anything wrong.

In the film you talk a lot about speaking to people about our problems. How important do you think it is to talk to people about the things we are going through? Was this particularly helpful for you?

It is important to talk to people because it helps you to not bottle things up. The more you talk to people about it the easier it becomes and you realise you are not the only one going through it.

If people could take one message away from watching your film, what would it be?

You have done nothing wrong so live your life as a kid should.

Thanks, Luke!

Make sure to watch and share Luke’s video at the top of this article.

Meet Luke: film-maker and inspirational eleven-year-old

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