Meet the first Dream Candidate!

Please note, the Dream Candidate competition has now closed. We will announce the winner soon. Check out the entries on our Talent Academy Facebook page.

Looking for some inspiration for your Dream Candidate 2 entry? Then look no further than Maya, winner of the first competition! In this interview, Maya, who now works in International Development, tells us about her entry.
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Dream Candidate Profile:

Education: University of East Anglia (BA International Development with overseas experience), London School of Economics (MSc, Gender and Social Policy)
Past Experience: Anti Slavery International and Street Child Africa (among others)

After many exciting and original CVs, we were delighted to announce that the first ever Dream Candidate was Maya, from London. Maya thoroughly impressed the voting public, receiving 267 likes for her video entry! We invited her into the CharityJob office to find out more about her:

How did you find out about the Dream Candidate competition?

“I’ve used CharityJob before: everyone I know who works in the charity sector uses it! I saw the Dream Candidate icon on the homepage and was intrigued. When I clicked on it I saw the competition and thought it was really interesting and wanted to give it go!”

Why did you decide to do a Video CV?
“When I was coming up with ideas I drew on an article I had read. It described how the skills sections of CV’s are using too many buzz words like ‘confidence’ and ‘passion’ and ‘self-motivated’. They’re just so generic. The article said it’s great if a referee uses them, but it doesn’t come across as genuine if you use them yourself. One job I got was through a recommendation- they chose me because I’d been recommend by someone they trusted. So I thought maybe I could contact people and see if they would be willing to engage in this process – I decided to do a video and interview them.”


Take a look at the winning CV:

How did your former employers feel about being filmed?

“They were all really enthusiastic about it. I emailed them and they all got back to me within three days to say I’d like to help you in any way I can. Some people said that they were nervous but that they would do it to try and help me get a job.”

What did you like about other people’s submissions?

“I really liked Zowie’s poster entry; the tree with all the different experiences. I also really liked Riccardo’s video – there were some really good entries so I was quite surprised when I won!”

What happened after Maya won?

Maya was especially interested in opportunities in International Development and Women and Children’s Rights. She loved the idea of taking on a Monitoring and Evaluation, Learning, or Project Management role – and we couldn’t wait to help her! Maya came in to work with CharityRecruit’s Danielle, who gave some top interview and application tips. We also sent Maya’s CV to our database of over 20,000 recruiters.

Where is she now?

Maya now has a great charity job at a women’s health charity, helping to reach the best possible standards of care for women globally.

So, with Dream Candidate 2 launching at the end of March, could you be next?

Find out more about Dream Candidate 2, launching at the end of March 2015, here.

Emma Begg

Product and Marketing Manager at CharityConnect. Love learning about new technology and helping to create a culture of collaboration over at

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