CharityJob Telethon: Inspiring A New Generation of Charity Workers

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Every day, CharityJob connects thousands of passionate candidates with non-profit organisations in the UK. We post jobs and share advice. Candidates scour our site to discover the right positions. And though we do as much as we can to help guide job seekers in the right direction, we’re only a part of the candidate journey.

But every now and then, we like to do things a bit differently. We really want to do our part in connecting the talent of tomorrow with the charities that inspire them. That’s why we were delighted to work with the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (THEBP) to host a telethon in our offices that helped disadvantaged London teens find valuable work experience in the charity sector.

CharityJob Telethon: Inspiring A New Generation of Charity Workers

Donating our time

On Tuesday 5th March, our offices were brimming with noise – for the first time ever, the CharityJob phone lines were ringing out more than they were ringing in. Volunteers from all departments put their normal work duties aside to call charities and source work experience placements for disadvantaged teens in the Tower Hamlets area. And we weren’t alone – not only were we supported by THEBP, but we had the honour to host The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston, Thay Thayalan, and the Deputy Speaker for the Tower Hamlets council, Cllr Victoria Obaze.

This telethon was a great initiative by CharityJob to help disadvantaged young people get suitable employment experience. Not only does it enhance their job prospects, but is also helps not-for-profit organisations to find suitable employees and enhance their ability to deliver their charitable objectives. It was a great pleasure to attend and support this event.

The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston, Thay Thayalan


Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty

Every year THEBP provides 2,500 work experience placements to its local teenagers, but it’s often a struggle to find placements at new organisations. And with more teenagers showing interest in the third sector than ever before, they needed to work with a company that had the right contacts and relationships to achieve this goal. That’s where CharityJob came in. And we were happy to spend our time reaching out to our clients and partners to make a real difference in the lives of these teens.

Despite being bordered by Central London and Canary Wharf, young people in Tower Hamlets don’t always have exposure to the working world. More often than not, their parents work in poorly-paid informal sectors or aren’t employed. That means that many of these teens are trapped in a void of employment knowledge. They don’t know what to expect when it comes to the working world – and they don’t even know what options are available for them when they’re ready to find their first job. Charities like THEBP work hard every day to change that, breaking the cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity that’s run rampant in the Tower Hamlet borough for generations.

CharityJob Telethon: Inspiring A New Generation of Charity Workers

Making a tangible difference

By finding more organisations for them to work with, we were helping these teens build a strong network of contacts that could improve their chances of breaking into the job market. These work experience placements open their minds to different opportunities and show them what types of jobs are out there. And the best part? It helps prepare them when they’re looking for their first full-time role, boosting their CV and providing them with great content for interviews later on.

This was a great opportunity for the CharityJob team to really tap into the element of the business that makes our organisation so unique – we were connecting real people in the community with charities that could make a personal difference in their lives. And in turn, we were using our recruitment insight and connections to inspire a new generation of Londoners to pursue careers that had a positive impact on their community. Our staff were absolutely thrilled to be a part of it all.

CharityJob Director, Raya Wexler

We spoked to hundreds of London-based charities, converting calls in to desperately needed placements. And the response rate was overwhelmingly positive. Ultimately, we were delighted to do our part in inspiring a new generation of charity workers.

If you’d like to know more about how you can get involved in helping THEBP, you can get in touch with directly at [email protected].

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