Our first, free digital guide on data visualisation

I can’t remember a time where I wouldn’t have fitted in the “nerdy” category. Whether it was as a kid, when I proudly said to my dad that “I would rather starve than stop reading” (my sassy 8 years-old self, did go to sleep without dinner that evening) or as an adult, when I couldn’t help myself twitching from excitement after learning a data software I used had released new functionalities.

Luckily, nerd tends to be less derogatory than it used to. Today’s digital world has more or less forced everyone to embrace their nerdy side – it is all about keeping up with that latest upgrade or tech trend. Nerd is the new cool (see, dad?). Considering this, it seems to me rather fitting to share the bits of knowledge that I have, in the hope that my excitement will soon convert others (in a non-cult-like way, I swear).

Without further ado, let me introduce to you the first digital guide I wrote: “Data Visualisation”.

Eleven pages of charts, infographics, data tips – it doesn’t get nerdier than this. I made sure to include plenty of examples specifically to the charity sector. For example, you will find case studies of the ways that charity professionals use data visualisation – from monitoring resources to engaging with audiences. I’ve also included a personalised check-list so that you can easily make visualisations on your own.

And the best part? It is free.

Oh and, we don’t ask for your email in exchange. Simply follow the link at the end of this post, click one of the buttons – done and downloaded!

So go on, fellow nerds – tell me what you think in the comments:
* Is this guide comprehensive enough?
* Does it help you specifically as a charity professional?
* What other nerdy/digital things would you like us to guide you through? Ideas?

Download our first, free digital guide on Data Visualisation >>>Here

PS. This guide obviously doesn’t restrict its own audience to nerds only. Cool people can download it too. Side effects might include a sudden fondness for Dr Who quotes and higher scores at your local pub quiz.

Claire Devilard

Digital Product Exec at CharityJob. Online, my social feeds are filled with international news, movie trailers and travel tips. Offline, I am the human version of an over-enthusiastic squirrel.

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