Social media round-up January 2018: Does job hopping affect your career?

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first CharityJob social media round-up! As our online community continues to grow, we’ve decided that it’s high time we all (virtually) got together once a month to see what hot topics we’ve been discussing in the charity sector on social media recently – and catch up on anything we’ve missed. Sound good? Great, let’s get started!

New members!

We’ve had 967 new members across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn this month – so a big CJ hello and welcome to all of you! 👋

Hot topic – ‘Job-hopping’

Each year in January, as inevitably as #NewYearNewMe is to be trending on twitter, job seekers are equally as likely to be springing into action. It’s one of the busiest periods as people are looking for fresh starts as well as new and meaningful careers. So it’s no wonder that job-hopping in particular was on our minds this month!

Job hopping is becoming more common across all sectors. Unlike previous generations who tended to stay grounded with a particular organisation for decades, young workers are more likely to change roles and/or employers every few years. Short term contracts are particularly rife in the world of charity so it’s no wonder you all had a lot to say about this one!

But the real question is why? What are the benefits of job hopping? And, are there any repercussions?

So we put this to a twitter poll and here are the results as voted for by you…

Almost half of you felt that moving from one job to the next in relatively quick succession keeps things fresh and exciting! Just over a quarter said that it had a negative impact and is looked on unfavourably by employers. And just over a quarter told us that hopping jobs is a necessary evil in the short-contract charity world.

What did Facebook have to say?

Stevie Nicole highlighted the reason why many are forced to job hop in the sector.

Claire Cawkwell pointed out that for many in the charity sector, job hopping isn’t a choice. Claire told us that every job she had held for the previous 10 years was fixed-term.

Whilst Yvonne Woolston gave us a frank view and also highlighted the positives!

It was pretty clear in the end that most people in the sector have experienced some level of job-hopping which was mostly due to wavering levels of funding. Although job-hopping isn’t always a choice, many of you reported finding it liberating to a degree and were grateful for the varied experiences it brought with it!

Member of the month!

✨ Our community member this month is: Elaine J Beesley! ✨

Elaine offered insightful, frank and uplifting answers during our hot-topic debate this month – thanks for being part of our community, Elaine!

This month in charity news

The top three things to rock the charity world this month:

  1. Facebook announced a new algorithm for what we see in our news feed which will mean posts from family and friends will be prioritised. We’re yet to fully see what this will mean for small charities who were initially encouraged by Facebook to build a presence on the platform. Many now rely it on it for low cost marketing and fundraising. Lets keep our fingers crossed
  2. The President’s Club charity dinner scandal has forced charities to speak out about entitled donors who behave inappropriately towards female staffers and fundraisers at events. On CharityConnect Simon Beresford made a call to end abusive donor behaviour – it’s not too late to show him your support!
  3. With new GDPR rules coming in, it has been reported that less than half of charities are aware of them. Make sure to brush up on your knowledge!


Thanks for reading, guys – and make sure to keep an eye out on our social media for February’s hot-topic.

See you next month! Keep up with us on twitter, and take a look at the amazing charity jobs available right now.

Georgina D'Souza

Digital Marketing Executive at CharityJob. Lover of cat-related memes.

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