Ask the Community: How to Stand Out to a Recruiter

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We all know the job-hunting process can be tough. So if there are any tips and tricks you can use to make yourself stand out to a recruiter, you no doubt want to hear about them, right? We thought so. Which is why we’ve been asking our community for their advice on this one.

Everyone has their own unique experiences when it comes to job-hunting, so we wanted to hear what people find works best for them. Here are the top five tips straight from the CharityJob community about how you can make yourself stand out to a charity recruiter.

Ask the Community: How to Stand Out to a Recruiter

1. Know yourself

Embark on a little self-discovery. If you’re looking for your first role in the sector, then give some good consideration as to why you want to do it. Be honest with yourself about your reasons, and then take the time to discover whether your expectations of non-profit careers are realistic. If you’re looking at the sector as an easier option, then trust us it’s not. But if you really want to make a positive impact on society, the world of charity is the perfect place for you.

Recruiters will see when you are clear within yourself about what you want. It’s easy to spot someone who’s in it for the right reasons. And more than that, knowing exactly who you are and what you want is an attractive quality. One that any hiring manager will love in a potential employee.


2. Sign up to our mailing list

Not to toot our own horn here. But the community member above has a good point when they mention signing up to our mailing list. Sign up to everything you can and flood yourself with information about the world of charity – particularly if this is your first foray into the sector.

If you’re moving from the corporate world, then a recruiter will be looking for signs you’ve done your research and at least have some knowledge about the sector, realistic expectations about what it will be like, and an awareness of the current debates and issues going on within it. So get signing up to newsletters, keep an eye on the news for charity-related stories, and take a look at CharityConnect to see the latest discussions happening amongst charity professionals.

Demonstrating to a recruiter that you are knowledgeable and engaged is an easy way to instantly make a good impression.

Ask the Community: How to Stand Out to a Recruiter

3. Show your passion

Charities want passionate people. Plain and simple. Your passion for the cause should be an absolute given. So make it clear to the recruiter why you’re there and what drives you. Speak openly and honestly and let your passion shine through.

It’s all too easy to concentrate on showcasing your skills or technical knowledge, whilst passions and motivations take a back seat. But in the charity world, these are so important. Make sure to be honest about the reasons you’re really there and how they align with the charities cause.


4. Send a follow-up email

We asked on Twitter how many people send follow-up emails to recruiters, and only 30% reported that it was something they always do.

A follow-up email shows you are engaged, committed and keen. Qualities any hiring manager will be looking for! It’s a really easy way to leave a lasting positive impression. Plus, it’s just good manners. So don’t wait until a few days down the line, send it straight after your interview. It needn’t be long either, simply thanking the recruiter for their time is enough.

Additionally, you can see a follow-up email as an extra chance to add in something you feel is important that you might have missed in the interview, or ask if there’s anything they’d like you to expand on that you didn’t have chance to at the time. Either way, keeping the channel of communication open will be nothing but beneficial for you and takes only a few moments of your time.

Ask the Community: How to Stand Out to a Recruiter

5. Stay true to you

There will be times when an interview goes well, and times when it doesn’t. Whatever the outcome, staying true to who you are will ensure that you know you’ve done your best. Sometimes the job just isn’t right for us, and that’s fine. But by showing the recruiter the best possible version of yourself, you at least know you needn’t regret anything. There will be a job out there that’s perfectly suited to your own interests and skills, you just need to keep looking.


Ready to start reaching out to those recruiters and letting them know you’re interested? See what jobs are available in the charity sector and start applying. Good luck and happy hunting!

Georgina D'Souza

Digital Marketing Executive at CharityJob. Lover of cat-related memes.

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