Ways to Stay Focused When You’re Between Jobs

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Being between jobs is never nice; it can be stressful, demotivating and even a bit deflating, but it’s something many people may have to adjust to when the economy is bad. That’s why it’s important to stay focused and try not to let the rejection (or lack of communication from recruiters) get you down. Chances are, you’re not the only one going through this. And there are several ways to stay focused when things get hard.

In this article, we explore our three favourite activities that inspire motivation and creativity during an arduous job search. Decide which ones appeal to you the most, try them out and then see how they influence your daily routine.

Ways to Stay Focused When You’re Between Jobs

1. Volunteer for a charity

Being in between jobs means you lose the focus you get from a work environment.

You no longer have something in place that demands you get up at a specific hour and contribute to the success of an organisation. So maybe it’s time to consider some volunteer work.

Volunteering for charity allows you to not only reactive your creative brain processes, but it keeps you productive and even helps you network when you’re between roles. You’ll once again have goals you need to achieve, making you responsible for getting things done effectively and efficiently. And you get to do so in a way that helps other people.

The other great benefit of volunteering is it can be a stepping stone towards your next paid role. Consider it this way, volunteering looks great on your CV. Plus, it shows that you’ve been making good use of your time in between jobs—it shows you want to work. And who knows, the charity you volunteer for may even consider taking you on in a full-time paid capacity depending on funding and how much of an impression you make.

Take a look at the organisations that are hiring volunteers and see if anything suits your particular skill set and experience. You can filter by home jobs and add in your requirements, so you can get a role that supports a cause you care about.


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2. Get your creative juices flowing

Jobs are a creative outlet for many people.

Fundraising, graphic design, marketing, computer programming, finance and youth leadership are disparate roles but each of them allows you to be creative in their own way. So, if you have some time to kill between jobs, consider tapping into your creative capabilities in a new way. Maybe you can learn an instrument or take up drawing. You can even try your hand and writing or virtual theatre. Whatever is most appealing to you.

Like work, you need to put in the practice to reach the point where you can be not just creative, but proficient. Once you have a basic mastery of your new craft you’ll be amazed by how motivated and energised you feel.

Did you know that certain creative pursuits, like playing an instrument, can actually make you smarter?

Numerous researches have looked at the effects playing an instrument has on your brain. These include things such as improving the speed at which you process information, the flexibility of your cognitive functions and the strength of your memory.

Ways to Stay Focused When You’re Between Jobs

3. Create an exercise routine

One of the biggest things you lose when you’re out of work is your routine.

Where previously you got up at the same hour, took the same journey, then did specific things with your free time in the evenings, you now have time to kill. Use these newly gained hours to melt calories with an exercise regime.

Exercise provides focus by giving you structure. If you start your day with a run, you’re putting yourself in a good headspace. Plus, exercise releases endorphins and gives us energy which can be distributed to different tasks throughout the day.

Alongside routine, the obvious upshot to exercising is that it makes you feel better.

You’ll have more energy and this will keep you motivated while you search for your next job. And let’s face it, motivation can be hard to retain if you’re not getting immediate responses to the applications you’re sending. But if you’re in the right mindset, you can tackle more applications and weather any sort of response.



Now, it may sound like some of these activities are avoiding the task at hand—true, time spent exercising, volunteering and being creative is time you’re not applying for jobs, but you should never spend 100% of your time doing one thing. That’s a quick and easy way to get burnt out. It’s all about finding a balance and learning to keep yourself productive and motivated, even when times are hard.

So, decide which one you want to begin with, get started and keep the focus you need to help you secure your next job.

Rodney Laws

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