Why Do We Need to Talk About Careers in Non-Profit?

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Contrary to popular belief, a career in non-profit is more than just working part-time for little-to-no pay. It’s an industry driven by passion and an appetite to make a difference. So why aren’t more people pursuing careers in the charity sector?


Finding the right career for you

It’s not uncommon to take the first job that promises stability and progression, but many find that their work doesn’t align with their values. Without being made aware of the different opportunities available, people often give in to the fear and remain in a job that doesn’t make them happy.

Maybe they’ve been in their industry for a few years and they’re afraid of a career shift because they have bills to pay. Maybe they’re just afraid of the unknown. Too many people find themselves trapped in the monotony of the corporate 9-to-5 lifestyle, but what if there is something more fulfiling out there? And what if you could find a meaningful career that makes you feel alive and inspired by the work you do?

 Why Do We Need to Talk About Careers in Non-Profit?

Learning how to break into the non-profit sector

In our talk series, How to Build a Fulfilling Career in Non-Profit, our resident Life Coach Bruna De Palo provides expert insight into the finite details of the industry. She explores the different career paths that are available and offers a new perspective that inspires many to build a fulfilling career in non-profit.

‘The truth is that changing careers has little to do with your skills and experience and has much more to do with the discovery of who you really are; what drives you, what makes you feel alive, what excites you.’

The talks also examine:

  • An overview of the charity sector
  • Debunking common misconceptions about salary
  • Career opportunities that most don’t know existed
  • How to tailor an application for a job in non-profit
  • Bringing who you are into what you do

Talks like these are invaluable for anyone considering a career change. So how can someone know if the charity sector is the right industry for them? Find out more about our next events and discover what job options are available in the charity sector.


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