How to become a Volunteer Campaigns Assistant

3-4 hours a week
Entry level

Thinking of spending some time as a Volunteer Campaigns Assistant?

Volunteering as a Campaigns Assistant is a great way to get your foot in the door and really get to know the non-profit sector. You'll be asked to support the campaigns team a few hours a week with events, drafting articles, maintaining databases and general administrative duties. Depending on the organisation, you may be asked to help with social media communications as well. This role is ideal for recent graduates or current students looking to gain practical experience.

The benefits of being a Volunteer Campaigns Assistant

How you’re helping

  • Identifying opportunities for regional and local campaigns
  • Building connections with communities and potential supporters
  • Strengthening the brand perception of a charity

What you’re gaining

  • Knowledge of campaigning and its influence on key decisions
  • Network of experts in the field and in the campaigns career space
  • Guidance from experienced charity professionals

Development and growth

Skills you’ll need

  • Strong understanding of key communication channels (i.e. social media)
  • Ability to communicate clearly and analyse information
  • Excellent attention to detail

Skills you’ll gain

  • Ability to discover key trends and shape strategy
  • Passion for meaningful work
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills

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