We’re part of Tech Talent Charter. Should you be?

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Right! There’s probably a whole bunch of questions welling up in you, but I promise this post will answer (most) of them. In short, we’ve become a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter. Meaning that we have agreed to commit to an internal plan to improve diversity and inclusion within our organisation. This is particularly focused on technical roles as the name might suggest.

We’re part of Tech Talent Charter. Should you be?

What do the Tech Talent Charter do?

The charter emerged from the realisation that on 17% of workers in tech & IT are female. Despite this, the UK still has a significant skills gap when it comes to tech workers. Tech talent charter believes that we cannot count out half the population and commercial success can come from a fairer and more inclusive workforce.

“This is a commitment by signatories to work together to increase the diversity of the technology workforce in the UK. Signatories to this Charter are committing to pursue a diversity and inclusion agenda in their recruitment and retention of tech talent.

The Charter is founded on the belief that tech (digital) talent is critical to the future of the UK economy, and that attracting and retaining talented people who fully reflect the society that the world of tech (digital) serves provides the UK with a competitive edge.” –Tech Talent Charter June 2017

We’re part of Tech Talent Charter. Should you be?

So what will you be doing? Or us if we signup!

By signing up, we agree to the conditions of the charter, and more importantly, agree to be proactive about change in our company when it comes to women in tech. If you’re interested or would like a little more detail, then why not download the charter itself.  In practice, agreeing to the charter will mean we’ll strive to increase diversity through our recruitment and retention policy. Furthermore, we’ll aim to measure the diversity of our organisation and be as transparent with this data while using this information implement a diversity strategy for our tech roles.


We’d like to be part of it too, where do I sign up!

You can find out more about the Tech Talent Charter, and information about how to signup here.

In their own words, the charter requires that signatories pledge to do the following:

“1. having a senior-level, named representative with responsibility for the Charter commitments;
2. adopting inclusive recruitment processes, working toward a goal that, wherever possible, women are included on the shortlist for interviews;
3. ensuring they have employment policies and practices that support the development and retention of an inclusive and diverse workforce;
4. working collectively with other signatories to develop, share and implement protocols and best practice for the practical implementation of the aims of this Charter;” –Tech Talent Charter 2017
5. contributing their employment diversity data into a common central anonymised database, for sharing amongst signatories bi-annually, and for publishing publicly in an annual report.

Check them out if you’d like to be part of driving change in the world of tech. And keep an eye on CharityJob to see what we’ll be doing as a signatory.

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