The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Bath

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Known for its Roman built baths and hot spas, Bath is one of the most popular cities in the UK. It became a World Heritage Site since 1987, and with the wealth of theaters, museums and sports/cultural events attracts 3.8 million day visitors each year.

A little bit of history…

  • Bath Spa is Britain’s original and only natural thermal spa.
  • Tourism accounts for many of the jobs in Bath as there are almost 4 million visitors annually and more than 1 million people staying overnight.
  • There’s a wealth of health, education and business services available in the city which provide around 30,000 jobs. Tourism is a close second and offers around 14,000 jobs.
  • There’s above average levels of employment in creative, digital and IT related jobs.
  • In 2015, Bath was ranked 12th in the VisitBritain top cities for international visitors.
  • Some of the top employers include: the University of Bath, National Health Services, Ministry of Defense and the North East Somerset Council.


The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Bath

Jobs in Bath – where to start?

So, you’re thinking about taking the leap and moving to this beautiful city… now the real question is where do you go when you’re  looking for a new job?

Luckily, Bath has a great deal of opportunities within the city walls as well as the surrounding areas. It’s home to a massive shopping complex, SouthGate, that was recently refurbished in 2015. And you’re in for a treat as it’s well stocked with some major brands such as Apple, Debenhams, Kurt Guiger, Saninsburys and more. As well as being home to some major organisations, Bath also has a number of blossoming tech start ups such as Pervasive Media, Brightpearl & Second Sync. Right now Bath is trying to achieve an net growth of 11,500 jobs by 2030, they want talented professionals to flock to their city.

Resources for Job Seekers in Bath

Still sounding good? Take a look at all of the latest jobs in Bath on CharityJob. And if you feel like you need some assistance during your job search, here are a few recruitment agencies you can get in touch with:

If you’re looking for some general CV, cover letter or career advice, there are some great resources you can check out here:


The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Bath
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The charity sector

With such a bustling and lively city centre, it’s no wonder that so many charities reside in Bath. But you’ll have to be quick too, Bath is also a very popular city so jobs that do crop up may not be around for very long! It’s considered as a city with high economic value but slow growth so you’ll have to keep a close eye on this area for vacancies as they may not come up very often. If you want to stay up to date with the latest opportunities, you can set up a job alert for jobs in Bath with us!

Some of the larger charities that are based in Bath:

Some great local charities include:

Employment market

Bath has a very interesting employment market, with 43% of employee jobs said to be part-time, this could be a heaven for those looking for more of a work and life balance. This is about 10% higher than the national average of part-time jobs. Bath also has a job density of 0.87 which is higher than the national average of 0.78. Job density conveys the ration of jobs to the number of people in the 16 – 64 working age range.

You can find a more detailed report on the employment market on the Bath & North East Somerset Council’s website.

Living in Bath


Bath has housing that suits all tastes and family sizes. The properties have a true historical feel which makes you feel like you’re part of the city. If you’re interested in buying, properties usually range from £300,000 – £450,000 on average, take a look at RightMove for more information. And if you’re renting, the typical prices range from £600 – £1,600 per calendar month.

Traffic & travel

There’s no denying that Bath is the prefect place for pedestrians. The city center has been made to be walked around and isn’t particularly driver friendly. That being said, traffic isn’t usually that bad and it’s very well connected as it’s a short drive from the M4 and M5 motorways. Here are some tips about travelling around the city…

Trains: Just 90 minutes from London Paddington, 15 minutes from Bristol and 80 minutes from Cardiff, Bath Spa station is incredibly well connected and has trains running regularly. Should you jump on a train to explore the surrounding area, don’t forget to take in the scenery! Trains going to and from Bath glide past the River Avon and the Sydney Gardens.

Buses and coaches: There are several bus services that operate in and around Bath. First Bus is the largest service and you can find a number of their buses from the main bus station (that’s all of a 2 minute walk from the train station). There are great links to neighboring towns and cities, like Bristol, as well as a regular service to/from Bristol Airport. You can plan your journey around the city using Traveline or take a look at all of the individual bus timetables here.

Airports: Bristol Airport is all of a 40-50 minute drive from Bath. Making it easy for you to travel for business or leisure.


The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Bath

What’s happening around town?

With so much happening in this city, you’ll never run out of things to do in Bath. There’s a yearlong programme packed full of events so there’s plenty for you to enjoy. From quality dramas at the Theater Royal Bath to the Farmers Market and festivals, there’s something for everyone.

  • Festivals take a look at the range of events that Bath has to offer (Party in the City looks great for music & performance lovers!)
  • Exhibitions – if you have a thing for art galleries and museums, Bath certainly has enough to keep you busy.
  • Sports – Bath is a city that loves its sport and has a great culture surrounding sport activities.
  • Theaters & Cinema – go and watch the latest productions and films in the city.
  • Shopping – there’s plenty of choice when it comes to shopping in Bath’s SouthGate shopping center.

With so much to offer, Bath is definitely a city to consider when you’re looking for your next charity job. You can also check out all of the great charity jobs that Bath has to offer right now on CharityJob.

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