The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Liverpool

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Or should I say Livercool? Perhaps not, but the former capital of culture has lost none of its charm, retaining its reputation as an edgy, exiting and vibrant place to live. Home to a world renowned cultural scene of art, music (of course) and Football! But there is so much more, and as it’s still the fastest growing economy in the UK it rightfully attracts both investment and jobs.

Here’s what we have to say.

A little bit of history…

  • A former port-city (they are still open!) and industrial super power.
  • Home to the first exclusively steam-powered railway.
  • European capital of culture 2008.
  • A wealth of service sector jobs, namely public services, health, education and finance including insurance and banking.
  • Tourism is a major industry, the city being home to a major cultural and musical history, as well as being a stop for cruise liners.
  • Some top employers based in the city are: The Cooperative Group, Liverpool and John Moores University, BetFred and Shopdirect.
The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Liverpool

Jobs in Liverpool – where to start?

Whether you live in this great city or are thinking of moving there, finding or changing jobs is never particularly easy. The city is beautiful, so who could blame you for wanting to move, or wanting to stay!

But the real question is, where should you look for work? Luckily there are a lot of places to go to. Over recent years, the city has invested in two city center business improvement districts, in order to attract investments across the city.  There are a wealth of well-established businesses such as John West Food, Princes Food and Drink, Lucid Games, Shop Direct, Bedfred, the ONE shopping center, as well as a plethora of other businesses and world renowned universities.  Also, the city is the capital of “fast growth” firms being home to many successful startups, for example mobile gaming giant Milky Tea, Ripstone, Starship and many others. Despite Brexit uncertainty, expansion of Liverpool’s international ports and the growth of the tech sector look set to make the city a desirable destination for skilled professionals.

Resources for Job Seekers in Liverpool

So things look good! Have a gander at what we have available on CharityJob in the region. If you think you might need a little guidance, then check out these recruitment agencies who’ll be able to give you a helping hand.

Maybe you’re looking for some general career and CV advice? In that case, take a look at these organisations:

The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Liverpool

The charity sector

With a powerful and growing economy, a bustling and diverse range of people and a community spirit unmatched anywhere else; Liverpool has a solid charity sector with both new and historic organisations working to do good in the city. Charity sector jobs in the city can be quite competitive however, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them, or even set up a job alert so we can let you know when they turn up.

Some of the larger charities that are based in Liverpool:

National charities also have a presence in the city, such as:

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Discover everything you need to know about working, living and finding a charity job in the city of ..

Find out here >

Employment market

Jobs in Liverpool are becoming more abundant, after historically having somewhat of an economic downturn. In fact jobs in Liverpool show some of the highest growth in the country. The ONS reports that job vacancies are on the rise, Liverpool comes near the top of the list for producing new vacancies. With a low unemployment rate of 5.4% and an estimation of 74 jobs per 100 residents, prospects look positive for the job market in Liverpool. If you’re interested in the numbers than you can take a look at the mayor’s  report. You can also take a look at what charity jobs in Liverpool are available right now.

Nomis provide official labour market statistics if you want to investigate further. Much like Manchester, Liverpool is a former industrial powerhouse and a port city. The decline of manufacturing hit the city hard, however it has recovered with banking, finance, public administration and health being its major industries. In recent years Liverpool has witnessed a boom in the tech industry, particularly in mobile gaming. The port is experiencing a revival, with the construction of a container vessel terminal.  Overall there is a  diverse and varied economy, which bodes well for the charity sector in Liverpool, with a wealth of viable donors.

The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Liverpool

Living in Liverpool


Liverpool has a variety of available housing and is commutable from a range of surrounding areas. Caution around Brexit has caused some stagnation in the market, though the housing market proves strong and growth across all sectors continues. Your move, covers recent development in the local market if you want to learn more.

  • The average house price is £105,332 for a terraced property and £167, 929 for a semi-detached
  • Flats come in a little cheaper averaging at £118, 992. If you’re renting, then average rents range from £550-£798 pcm

Check out right move or home for further information.

Traffic & travel


Liverpool is well connected to major road networks and the city centre is easily accessible on foot. The M6 will take you into the region, where you can connect locally via the M62, M58 or M56. The city itself is served by more minor roads, such as the A5058, A5036, A57 and A58 which though well maintained, can prove to be very busy during rush hours.

  • If you are traveling into the city from surrounding rural areas, you might want to consider rail based park and ride to avoid getting caught in traffic.

Rail is probably the most accessible way to get into and around the city. Merseyrail provide urban and suburban routes, including 4 stations in the city centre itself.  It is well connected to the rest of the country by rail as well, with services running just over two hours from central London. Regional rail networks also link Liverpool to other cities and towns in the region.

Buses and coaches:

You can travel into Liverpool by National Express and Megabus, as well as a number of other coach providers. There are three coach stations serving the city, so you can plan more easily, check out coach welcome for more details. Merseytravel run a reasonably priced and reliable bus service which can get you around most destinations in both central and suburban locations.

Avast! Arriving by sea:

There are also a number of ways to reach “the pool” by water. The docks are home to an international cruise ship terminal, and container vessel terminal if you’re so inclined. A busy ferry terminal provides services to and from Belfast, Dublin and the Isle of Man. You can even arrive by river boat along the Mersey.

Get on your bike… or walk:

Why not go green? You can easily walk around the historic city centre, and the UNESCO world heritage site is home to many museums, galleries and all sorts of interesting things to see. Yes, there is a lot of Beatles related stuff of course! For some suggestions on what to see, try visit Liverpool. Cycling is also an option, there are many cycle routes in and around Liverpool, Merseytravel provide some guidance for cycle routes and CityBike offer a cycle hire scheme.

The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Liverpool

So what’s fun?

Liverpool has always been a home to art and music, let’s not forget football. But the former capital of culture has a whole lot to offer for those days off.

  • Take in some historic architecture: The Town Hall, Cathedral, Sefton Park and Palm house are all essential sights to see.
  • Feed that intellect with some of the many museums on offer: Merseyside Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool and World Museum.
  • Do the obligatory Beatles stuff, I mean some of it is quite fun: The Beatles Story Experience, Beatles Walking Tour, British Music experience.

If none of that tickles your fancy, than you might want to try exploring some the edgy hipsterism that has drifted into the city over the last few years.

  • Take in installation art, movies, creative technology and much more at FACT.
  • Get your grove on at 24 kitchen street…but you might not be cool enough.
  • Enjoy a weird afternoon tea at Baltic Social.

So! With so much to offer, Liverpool is proving an exciting place to be. Whether you’re a local, or thinking of making the move, it might the place to look for a charity job. You can also check out all of the great charity jobs that Liverpool has to offer right now on CharityJob.

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