The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Southampton

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We all know it as the home of living legend Craig David. But there’s a lot more to the soon to be Solent City, and an increasingly positive outlook for the economy, employment, and the charity sector.  If you live in or are moving to “Soton” then our essential guide to Southampton should be a great help.

Southampton is a port city and the cruise capital of the country! It has been home to great innovation, the city that invented the Spitfire, fibre-optics and the hovercraft. Not to mention just being a great place to live. Yes, there has been economic strife in the past, but Southampton now solidly holds a position as a gateway economy, meaning its ports, airport and transport infrastructure are of increasing importance. Its connections to the rest of the country, unmatched in the region, foster a strong and growing economy.

A little bit of history

  • A long and varied history stretching back to Roman occupation.
  • Southampton’s famous castle was built by Henry II; it is also home to the world oldest bowling green, dated to 1299.
  • The original departure point of the Mayflower, carrying the Pilgrim Fathers to America in 1620.
  • It was the home city for a majority of the Titanic’s crew.
  • Southampton continues to be an important port, linking to air road and rail networks, all contributing to its growing “gateway economy.”
  • Recent history has seen increased economic invest and the construction of the Marlands and WestQuay shopping centre.
The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Southampton

Jobs in Southampton-where to start

Southampton can be proud of its prominent location on the south coast. Indeed its placement is the source of much of its success. The city is the economic centre, regional transport hub, and freight gateway to the South Coast, making it a prime location for future investment. Southampton may have faced some financial trouble in the past, but its placement and local resources point towards a job market which is growing stronger. If you’re from the area you probably already know all this, so why not take a look at the great charity jobs in Southampton with have today!

Resources for jobseekers in Southampton

Overall things in Soton are looking positive. But here at Charityjob, we like to be a little more helpful and not just fire information at you. Take a look below to find some fantastic recruitment agencies in Southampton to help you bag that next job!

Of course, there’s a limit to what recruitment agencies can. Here are some excellent places for CV or career advice in Southampton.

The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Southampton

The charity sector in Southampton

So, Southampton is fueling a growing jobs market, and as we’ve said before, this often indicates a wider variety of charity sector positions due to a large donor base. In fact, Hampshire, in general, has more charity jobs than any other regions in the South East if we exclude London and Surrey, Southampton carries a majority of these. Check out the exciting range of charity jobs in Southampton we have now, or stay ahead of the curve and set up a job alert.

There are some well-known charities based in Southampton:


A number of large national charities also operate out of the city:

Employment market

The job market in Southampton has recovered and strengthened after facing lows in the past.  Nomis report that full employment is at 77% showing that employment in the city continues to grow year on year. The local government reports that average wages gained 2.2 % this year, high wage growth is a symptom of the positive trend in Southampton’s labour market.

The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Southampton


Southampton has a vibrant housing market. From an investors perspective, it could be a great time to buy, as house prices have experienced an increase of 8%. Older, terraced housing is more affordable and flats even more so. The property market in Southampton is healthy and makes continual gains. Southampton can be cheaper than other areas in the South East, making it an attractive location if you plan to live and work in the city.  According to Rightmove:

  • The average house price in Southampton is £229,350 for a detached property and £216,899 for a terraced.
  • The average flat in Southampton went for £159,829
  • Rents in Southampton range from £634 per month to £1700 depending on the size of the property.


Take a look at Rightmove or home for further details about property in Southampton.

Traffic and travel:



Southampton is well-connected to the rest of the country and has certainly earned its title as the gateway to the South Coast. Surrounding road networks are very well connected, and links the region to other regional hubs such as Portsmouth.

The M27 Connects Southampton with the rest of the South Coast, while the M3 connects the city to London and Winchester. Minor Roads connects suburban areas to the city centre and docks such as the A33, A36, and M27. The major motorways and most of the A-roads serving the outskirts are well maintained and generally free from delays. However, the city centre and docks can have traffic problems during rush hour.



The main rail hub is Southampton Central station. From here you can easily access trains to Portsmouth, Winchester and other locations along the South Coast. You are also able to access trains towards London and west towards Bristol. Southern is the major operator on most of these routes, running local lines into Hampshire and to the airport and docks. Due to frequent congestion in and around the city centre, travelling by rail may be your better option. However, rail penetration into suburban areas is quite minor, and apart from the airport, there are no park and ride services.


The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Southampton

Bus and coach

Most public transport in Southampton is operated by private buses.  First and Bluestar run routes through the city and outlying areas. City link runs services between the city centre and the ferry terminals and national express coaches connect Southampton to other cities including London and Portsmouth.


Get cycling

Southampton is a cycle-friendly city, with numerous cycle networks throughout the city. Cycling could be the way go if you’re commuting into Southampton. With plenty or riverside paths, parks and green spaces, it can also be a great place to go for a leisurely ride and is joined to bath by a national cycle route. Get on that bike!



Air and sea

Southampton has the unique position of being the major ferry port and cruise liner terminal for the South East. Though ferry travel for cars and freight had been taken up by other cities, Southampton remains a significant docking for cruise liners. The airport is also an important regional airport, flying to many locations both in Europe and further afield.


The CharityJob Guide to Living And Working In Southampton

Cool things to do in Southampton

But it’s not all work and commuting! What are you going to do with your precious free time? Check out our suggestions below for some fun distractions in Sotton.

So, whether you live in Southampton or moving to the city, we hope you found our guide useful. Southampton’s certainly got positive prospects for the future, and can be a great place to live! As we’ve said, it also has the highest amount of charity jobs in the regions. So why not jump into to our job search and take a look at the great charity jobs in Southampton we have at the moment.

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