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Birmingham is the UK’s second city, it has this status due to both size and economy. The city is home to a wealth of large businesses which are easily reached via car and public transport. The city of a thousand trades boasts the second strongest economy in the UK and proves to be a great place to work with an excellent variety of industry, but I’m sure your Brummies knew that!

So what’s the story?

  • Birmingham was a former industrial powerhouse (where watt invented the steam engine!) but is now home to a strong finance and services sector.
  • It’s variety of industry has widened expanding to creative, retail and management consultancy sectors which are also very strong.
  • Wages are strong, and cost of living can be less than the South East.
  • Despite market uncertainty, the local economy is predicted to grow £225 million. Making it a great place to search for jobs in the coming year.


Guide to Birmingham canal

Jobs in Birmingham – where to start?

For those of you looking at the Birmingham job market and interested in working for a big company where can you look?

Well, luckily Birmingham and the surrounding West Midlands are home to a wealth of employment opportunities both in the city, suburban areas and nearby business parks. The city centre is home to large employers such as Sainsbury’s, Kraft, RBS and Whitbread, as well as regional offices of a significant number of finance and service sector organisations. It is also home to head offices of many finance and insurance industry giants such as BBVA Compass, Cadence Bank and ServisFirst Bank.

A few resources

That’s all well and good, but where should I start?

Well, you might want to check out a few recruitment agencies:


If you’re just looking for CV advice, then perhaps check out:


There are also a few places you might want to approach for career advice, finding a job anywhere is not particularly easy and in certain sectors things can be even harder. Don’t worry too much though, there are a number of great places to pop in for career advice.


Jobs in Birmingham Bull

The charity sector

Birmingham has a thriving and active Charity Sector, making it a great place to look for not-for-profit work. If you’re looking for charity jobs in Birmingham, you might want to consider some of the large charities which make the city their home. Being the UK’s second strongest economy, means we see a strong third sector, with a large source of corporate donors. Third sector jobs in Birmingham and the greater West Midlands region, has the third highest availability of charity positions in the country. Take a look at what we have.

It’s also home to the headquarters of


And many, many more important local charities. Where you could find a charity job in Birmingham, with a local cause dear to you. This includes:


Birmingham can also be a great places to volunteer which can often be your way into the charity sector. Check out our Volunteer positions in Birmingham here. Volunteering is a fantastic way to get a taste of life in the charity sector, and many organisations in Birmingham’s third sector are looking for volunteers. For specific advice you might want to have a look at Volunteer Centre Birmingham.

Jobs in Birmingham square

Living in Birmingham

Life in Birmingham can be very rewarding, it is a vibrant, modern, dynamic and culturally diverse city which attracts investment and visitors from all over the world. It’s a fantastic home to the arts, culture and heritage, hosts the largest retail centre in the country and is practically a foodies dream. In other words you’re not going to run out of things to do anytime soon. The curry mile, might suit you if you fancy something spicy, or perhaps the famous Bullring shopping centre for a day of retail therapy. The nightlife doesn’t disappoint either, with many bars, clubs and pubs to wet your whistle. Check out live music at the Jam House, maybe Northern Soul at The Night Owl, or head under the arches for The Tunnel.


Getting on the housing ladder is somewhat easier than down in the South East. And cost of living can be somewhat more reasonable as well. That said, Birmingham is a major city where the housing market can be both dynamic and competitive.

  • Average house price: £160,000
  • Average rental price: £800 (2 bedrooms)


Traffic and travel

We can’t really get around the fact that Birmingham has a reputation for bad traffic, and a somewhat complicated road system. This includes the notorious spaghetti junction, though driving is an option. The West Midlands road network connects to many commutable locations via the M42 into the region and A34, A38, A45 and A47 leading to suburban and adjoining locations. Commuting by car may not be the quickest method!  Fear not gentle commuter, CharityJob is here with some handy hints and tips on travelling with ease into and around the city.

  • Park and ride: avoid getting caught in notorious city centre traffic.
  • Take the train: the city is an easily commutable distance from Kenilworth,
    Warwick, Leamington SPA, Redditch Droitwich, Henley, Stratford.  Many other towns connected by rail. Remeber that Birmingham will eventually be connected to London by HS2!
  • Go green and get on your bike: Many new cycle routes have been created, both into and around Birmingham. Check out Birmingham Cycle revolution.


Jobs in Birmingham Watt

CharityJob, you’re so boring! Anything cool to do?

Well, of course, Birmingham is an exciting, multicultural and energetic city that always has something going on. You Brummies are sure to know a few of these places, but why not take the weight off after a long day’s work by trying out some of CharityJob’s pointers. There is fun to be had in Birmingham, and you don’t even have to look that hard!

  • Wander the vast network of canals (more than Venice!) and discover picturesque locations.
  • Get your classy side on with Afternoon Tea at the Edgbaston Hotel.
  • Discover the unseen city with Hidden Spaces Birmingham.


So Birmingham, could be a great place to get a charity job! The economy is expected to grow in the next few years, so whether you live there, or are looking to move, your job prospects look good. Check out our great charity jobs in Birmingham through CharityJob.

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