New Year, New Career: Discover the Right Job for You

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When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we often get stuck in the cycle of making the same ones: I’ll go to the gym more, no more chocolate, or zero alcohol on weeknights. Whilst these are worthy changes to make, we think you should spend this year focusing on how you’ll progress in your career or finally committing to finding a job you truly love. 

Consider this: you’ll spend over 90,000 hours at work during your lifetime – that’s a huge chunk of time you’re potentially wasting wondering what else is out there. When we spend so much time at work, can you really afford to be dissatisfied in your career for another whole year? That’s where we can help! 

Here’s a re-cap on the topics we covered in November and December’s episodes of 9 to Alive. In them, you might just find both the practical advice as well as the inspiration you need to turn your 9 to 5 into a 9 to Alive in 2019.

New Year, New Career: Discover the Right Job for You

Aligning who you are with what you do

Part 2 of our 3-part miniseries on How to Build a 5-year Career Plan was released (for part 1, click here). In it, our very own life coach and career shifter, Bruna De Palo, explains how to discover the right role for you. This video is all about debunking the common misconception that progressing in your career comes solely down to your skills. You’ll learn why aligning who you are with what you do is what matters when it comes to finding a job that makes you truly happy.  Find out what makes you thrive, and what energises you. It’s in discovering this that you will be able to find fulfilment in your work.

How to Build a 5-Year Career Plan Part 2: Aligning Who You Are With What You Do | 9 to Alive

Creating a plan 

You’ve heard the old saying, ‘failure to prepare is preparation to fail’. And the same goes for planning out your career. The more research and dedication you put in, the more positive your job search will be. How can you stay on the path to success if you don’t have a plan to get you there? In the final episode of our miniseries, you’ll uncover what steps are involved in making a plan and learn how to ensure personal and professional growth this year.

How to Build a 5-Year Career Plan Part 3: Creating a Plan of Action | 9 to Alive

Discovering new options 

If you know you want to change careers but aren’t sure what your options are, then the launch of our 60 second series could be just what you need. In November we released the first one – 60 Seconds With a Fundraiser. In it, we asked Ikhlaq Hussein (Head of Major Gifts at Orphans in Need) why he loves his job and just what is involved. If a career in fundraising is something you’re curious about, then check out this snapshot of life in this field and get an idea of whether it’s for you. To explore careers in fundraising, check out what roles we have available here.

60 Seconds with a Fundraiser | An Interview with Ikhlaq Hussein from Orphans in Need | 9 to Alive

What’s the next step?

Like what you’ve seen so far? Subscribe to our YouTube channel (and make sure you turn on the notifications!) to catch our upcoming features on working in the non-profit sector. We’ve got plenty of content coming, so stay tuned. To keep up to date with everything that’s going on with 9 to Alive, you can also check out

So, are you ready to turn you 9 to 5 into 9 to Alive? Let us know in the comments below!

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